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I love working in pastels and I love cake too (as my waistline can confirm wholeheartedly). So I’m making a pig of myself and combining the two loves. I’m working my way through a new set of cakes and patisserie designs which will make their way onto our products.

I’ve made a start on a trio of macaroons and here’s the first one which I’ve more or less finished:

Macaroon artwork in pastels

Macaroon artwork in pastels

I just love the pretty colours that macaroons come in and they lend themselves perfectly to pastels, although I’m sure that they’d look pretty tasty in watercolour too.

So that’s one down and about another 6 or 7 to go.

I completed a cup cake earlier, but hubby wasn’t impressed. When I showed it to him, he remarked “Well it’s not exactly the best artwork you’ve done is it?” I quite liked it up to that point, so was a bit miffed at his underwhelmed attitude. That’s men for you I guess:-)