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I’m still working on the St. Ive’s watercolour. I left off painting for a few days due to my other work commitments, but went back to work on it today. If I’m honest, it hasn’t turned out how I’d hoped – it’s a bit too tight, so I’m going to try and soften it up when it’s dried off. Here it is to date:

Cornish seascape

Cornish seascape

The lighthouse still isn’t right and it all looks a bit staged and painterly (you can see the during pics in the post below). I need to push those railings back and give the whole painting a bit more focus. In hindsight it would have been quicker to have started afresh, rather than working on the errors in this painting, but I guess for a first attempt at a seascape it’s not too bad.

I might soften all the edges and give it an air of mystery… we’ll see. I’m going to let it sit for a few hours, then see what I can do to improve it.