… If you haven’t been watching it, please do, it’s fab.

There was a nice surprise when husband and I tuned in last week; one of his friends is, well was, a participant. Alas Nigel went home last week when he had that sinking feeling with the base of his wash basin parting company from the rest of it.

Brian knows Nigel from the Art in Clay show which is held at Hatfield House each year :http://www.artinclay.co.uk/ . Brian ‘does’ the electrics to the marquees and Nigel helps out (and also exhibits at the show). There are around 400 exhibitors at the show, so if you like pots and art, it’s worth a visit.


Art in Clay

Although I know a few potters, I know very little about their profession, so I’ve really enjoyed seeing how things are done and the various stages a pot goes through, from being a lump of clay to a decorative piece of ware. I’d love to have a go and I think it’s one of those things that will be added to my bucket list.

I finally managed to get a few of my paintings on Instagram at the weekend. It’s taken me months to suss out how to upload the images from my PC, but I got there in the end. I’d had hoped to add buttons to this blog to link through to my Facebook page and Instagram, but it seems that apparently simple task is a step too far in my technological understanding. Oh well, one step at a time.

I’d intended doing some painting over last weekend, but the light was so poor that I gave up on the idea. Maybe I’ll get a chance towards the end of this week and will keep you posted – it’ll be my first attempt at painting a fish. I’m wondering whether to buy one or two of the Daniel Smith watercolours with shimmery bits in them. It’s a while since I bought any new paints, so I might treat myself. I use Windsor and Newton watercolours, so it will be my first dabble with Daniel Smith products, but I’ve heard good things about them.

Until next time…