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I made a start on the fishy watercolour yesterday and have resumed work a while back. I’m enjoying doing the painting, but I haven’t pulled it off yet. Fishes are surprisingly difficult to paint – I’d assumed they’d be quite straight forward.

So, I started out sketching in the main bits:


I blocked in the sky and sea and made a start on the fishes. I usually work from top to bottom so that I don’t smudge the paint, but I wanted to get the colours of the mackerel sorted out to enable me to judge the colours and tones for the rest of the painting:




Here’s where I’m at now:


fishing boat and mackerel

It’s a bit of a dog’s dinner at the moment and there’s a lot more work to do. I’ll post more pics as I move along.

This afternoon I was at this stage, having added more detail to the boat and placed shadows between the pebbles


And here it is. The flash on the camera has bleached it all out a little. I added a bit more detail to the sky, a darker sea around the mackerel, more detail to the boat and the addition of a few seagulls:


It will be scanned and then the pretend fishing trip ad will be added on top. Phew!


denzel hollow copyright

Denzel Hollow watercolour painting

The plaques will have text on them but the painting is finished and the plaques will be made when I’ve got a spare few hours this week.