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This blog post is a bit of a mish mash of stuff.

Firstly, I haven’t got the linky buttons sorted yet; partly due to me, mostly due to ongoing issues with my broadband. We upgraded last week to a ‘faster broadband’ package, but that hasn’t worked and everything keeps grinding to a halt. Technology!

However, I have managed to set up an Instagram account and even managed to upload some pics over the past week. In the absence of a simple button, I’ll just give you the link: Instagram

I’ll get the hang of it eventually and heaven knows, I might even open a Twitter account one day.


Koi watercolour painting

Having finished the koi carp painting, my next artwork is a little more serious. I’m doing a trio of roses on the little casket my Dad has made for Mum’s ashes. Dad dropped it off several days ago, so I want to make a start on it soon. I know I’ll enjoy working on it once I get started, but it’s a bit daunting. I still can’t believe she’s gone and it makes me gasp when I forget and think “Oh I must tell Mum about that“. Dad and I were trying to remember something the other day and I very almost said “Mum will know”; the words almost tumbled out. And dear Jasper is missed so very much. How I wish I had a rewind button, so that I could go back a few years, but time rolls on regardless.

I didn’t buy any of the sparkly watercolours I blogged about last week; I decided they’d possibly look a bit garish. But I have ordered a couple of Daniel Smith blues. Their French Ultramarine looks a little more vibrant than the Windsor and Newton one I currently use, so it’ll be interesting to compare. And the Daniel Smith, Manganese Blue looked pretty, so I’m giving that a try too. It’s to  compare with Windsor and Newton’s, Cobalt Blue, which tends to look a bit grey on the unbleached watercolour paper I use.

I’ve also ordered 3 new watercolour brushes. Not before time, as the handle on my favourite brush has started to crumble and bits of it were dropping all over the koi painting yesterday. Very good brushes are very expensive, but I’ve gone for a more modest brand (SAA Silver) as they have pretty good reviews.

And lastly, I’ve got a couple of new cushion designs; the most recent highland cow and the beach hut watercolours I did a few weeks back:


Well, I did say this blog post was a mish mash. Until next time.