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Some time ago I did a graphite artwork of a horse. I scanned it and then it sat in my computer for quite a while. Earlier this week I took delivery of a fine art/giclee printer and decided the first print to try with it would be the graphite horse. The detail in it is very fine, so it was a good image to test the efficiency of the printer. I’m pleased to say that the printer passed with flying colours:

plaited mane copyright

So spurred on by the new printer, I decided to do another horsey graphite artwork today, which started out like this:


graphite horse artwork

And now looks like this:


There’s some tweaking to do, but it’s almost there. It’s got a little bit tedious and my eyes are tired, so I’ll resume tomorrow.

I’ve listed my prints for sale on eBay and Etsy, you can find them here: Etsy shop