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Following on from my previous post, I decided to do a watercolour of an old windswept tree and here’s the various stages:

And then I had a desire to paint something else yesterday, so did a small watercolour of a long tailed tit:

long tailed tit copyright

For some reason we’ve lost many of our usual garden birds and it’s the same up at my Dad’s in the next village. We’re not sure if they’ve cleared off south for the winter, or whether the local birds of prey have frightened them off. We get a sparrow hawk hanging around and there are owls and herons too, so maybe the ‘little uns’ have decided to go somewhere safer?

In replacement, a flock of long tailed tits have been visiting the hanging bird feeder for a few minutes each day, along with a blue tit that has an identity crisis and has taken up residence with them. I’m hoping to grab a photograph of them to use for a more detailed watercolour – the one above was my practice run.

Not much else to tell, as I’m bogged down with the dreaded paperwork that goes hand in hand with running a business. Once that’s out of the way I’m looking forward to doing more painting. I’ve the graphite showjumper to finish and as usual have too many ideas as to what to paint next.