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I’ve just taken delivery of a little pot of gold dust:


I’m going to be trying my hand at some charcoal artwork and thought some dashes of gold would look nice to make the drawings pop. I’ve done well to stop myself from opening the pot and faffing with the dust – I do seem to be strangely drawn to shiny things:-)

And in an attempt to make myself loosen up a little with my painting, I’ve been doing a few simple 10 minutes exercises to force myself to get cracking and worry less about the detail. Here’s a couple of lemons:


They’re not great, but the exercises are helping me. I didn’t sketch out the lemons and just went for it with the paint and hoped the shapes were vaguely lemony.

And some sunflowers with dodgy stalks:


I seldom paint flowers and it shows! The hearts aren’t big enough, but I was painting from memory and just trying to get a feel for it.

This afternoon I’ll hopefully finish the paperwork that’s been bogging me down for days and then I’ll have a bit more time to play with some paint before Christmas.