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I’m working on a horse watercolour today. There’s a fair amount of detail to do, but here’s progress so far:

The horse’s face needs more work, especially the eye, but I’m letting it all dry out for a while as I’ve started to drag the paint off with my impatience. The painting was intended to be a practise run, so I used a rough textured paper, but I’m quite pleased with it, so I’ll try and get the detail in when it’s dried and see if it turns out okay.

Yesterday evening I painted a couple of Long Tailed Tits:

long tailed tits copyright

I made a greeting card from a scan of them last night as it was our wedding anniversary today.

I’ll post a pic of the horse if he turns out okay…

I think it’s about finished. The camera flash has distorted the colours a little, but here it is:

cob watercolour copyright