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I remembered a conversation about foxes I had with some friends a while back. The friends live in a city and they get a lot of urban foxes visiting their garden (and dustbins). On one occasion they found a chicken’s egg buried in one of their planters, left by a fox for a later snack; amazingly the egg was unbroken.

Well you know how it is with ideas from conversations that bounce around in your head for ages… I thought I’d do an urban twist on the stereotypical rural fox nicking a country chicken for supper. So the idea is a city fox with a KFC takeaway bucket in his mouth. I haven’t painted anything like this before so it will be a challenge.

Here’s a rough sketch of my plans:


It’s a bit ambitious what with the light source coming from the car headlights, but I’ll give it a bash. The aim is for the background to be quite grey with the pops of colour coming from the fox and the headlights/taillights.

I have the delights of Christmas shopping tomorrow, so probably won’t be making a start for a day or two, but hopefully I’ll have something set out properly on paper by Christmas day.

On my way back from the supermarket this evening, a modest herd of deer casually crossed the road about half a mile from the village. I stopped the car and looked through the hedge to get a better view of them. I’ve spotted deer quite a few times recently and feel quite privileged as they’re  uncommon in this part of Lincolnshire. They are such timid and lovely creatures. If only my painting could keep up with the inspiration I see. Maybe a bigger brush would help:-)