So I got my Christmas shopping done today which resulted in a domestic with my husband and a vow never to go shopping with him again. I was driving…

Apparently I went the ‘wrong’ way to our local town (husband would have taken a different route which is slightly longer but wouldn’t have had a traffic jam – clearly Friday traffic jams are due to my choosing the ‘wrong’ route, not to lots of vehicles on the road). And then I was in the ‘wrong’ lane going towards the dual carriageway, despite the fact that both lanes had arrows pointing forwards. There was lots of huffing and puffing and a “turn right here” which I ignored as I knew our turn was 100m further on, followed by a “Well you got one thing right”, followed by him asking me if I needed him to get out and guide me into the parking spot. I said no, but he jumped out anyway and proceeded to huff and puff a bit more, whilst doing various hand gestures which looked like a demented sparrow, rather then anything helpful.

I very calmly told my husband that after driving for 30 years with very few bumps and scrapes, I didn’t need a driving lesson from him and I’d never take him shopping again. He went very quiet – for once he knew when to keep his mouth shut. It was a wise move by husband, as I seriously contemplated leaving him in Lincoln and driving home on my own.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll show you where I am with the next painting:


There’s more detail to add, especially on the right, which might have some shadowy buildings or maybe some cars going the opposite way. Maybe I need to seek my husband’s expert opinion on that?!