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I’ve painted lots of horses and many other animals, yet there was the most obvious gap in my repertoire of all creatures great and small. Jasper. I just couldn’t bring myself to paint him. Countless times I’ve pondered on how to paint him and each time I’ve been unable to make a start due to the fear of messing up.

Last night I conquered the fear and painted His Lordship. It went well to start with, but I made the classic mistake of working from more than one photograph and ended up getting the proportions wrong:

Jasper copyright

It’s obviously a horse, which is a good start:-), but it’s not a good likeness of Jasper. So I’m doing him again today.

Necessity forced my hand a little with the painting, as I need to design some new Barrister’s Horse business cards. So here’s the second painting of Jasper to date:


I should get him finished later today and will post a picture of him when he’s done.

Here’s a tawny owl I painted yesterday:


I wasn’t happy with the talons so reworked the above last night and it’s now having a rest under a pile of law books to flatten the paper before scanning.

Happy New Year everyone.

And here’s Jasper: