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Still life painting holds about as much appeal to me as catching a cold (speaking of which, my hubby has the man-flu and is grumpy). But I fancied doing something different so decided to do a still life painting with a kitcheny theme.

I remembered my visits to Italy and all the pretty bottles of Limoncello that were stocked by the tourist shops, so thought I’d have another go at painting lemons and include a bottle of the liquor in the composition.

Here’s the just about finished result, looking a bit bleached out by the camera flash:


I didn’t enjoy doing this painting and felt out of my comfort zone, but it was a good exercise in getting me to paint what I see… well sort of because all I had were clementines to sit on my desk. There were three of them to start with, but now there’s just one; an army marches on its stomach and all that:-)

I’ve tried to cram in as much painting as possible over Christmas as I don’t get the time when the business is in full swing. My days are full of the mundane tasks which go hand in hand with running a business. That said, with the weather being so awful at the moment, I’m quite happy to stay indoors and spend the evenings painting.

It’s a long time since I’ve done any acrylic painting, so I’ve ordered some new paint boards to have a dabble. I’m not sure what I’ll be painting, but I doubt very much another still life will be on the cards! The Ampersand boards cost me a arm and a leg, so I have high hopes for them. I’ll let you know how I get on with them when I get a chance to try them out.