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You might remember me telling you about the sheep that were on my land over the summer and autumn months. There were 24 ewes, 3 of which were cheeky Jacob’s. Here’s one of them:

sheep 011

I decided to have a quick practise painting them last night in preparation for a more detailed painting in the future:


I quite enjoyed myself.

I’ve also been busy with an illustration that will go towards a set of horsey greetings cards and prints:


It’s nice to do something with a little humour, especially when the weather’s so gloomy. I keep adding bits to the above and have included a cow, a sheep and a snail since I took the photo.

In other news, I have a sale on Etsy at the moment. There’s 10% off all my items if you use the discount code GIMME10 at checkout. And there’s 10% off most of my items on Flea-bay too. The Etsy sale runs to the end of the month and the eBay sale runs for a fortnight. Here are the links to the shops:

Etsy Shop

eBay shop

Lastly, I have a new paint to try: Daniel Smith’s Quinacridone Magenta. It’s quite loud, so I’ll have some fun with it I’m sure. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on with it.

Until next time.