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After a brief pause from painting, I resumed the arty stuff today. I thought I’d be really rusty, but my first little watercolour went without too many swearwords, which is always a good start:-) I painted a miniature peacock which will be mounted and framed tomorrow:


small peacock watercolour

I’ve been busy working on the website, hence my lack of painting. It’s nearly driven me mad at times and just when I thought it was almost done, some glitch or another would take me back a few steps. I’m sure it will be tweaked some more as I (hopefully) get a better grasp of the technicalities, but for now I’m relieved to at least have a functioning site:

barristershorse website


I’ve got all the greetings cards to add to the website yet, but the dull, wet and windy weather is stopping me from getting photos outdoors, so they will have to wait until brighter, calmer weather prevails (so that’ll be August I guess)! If we don’t get a break in the weather I’ll scan them instead.

I think this afternoon will be little lighthouse painting, but first coffee.