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This week has been productive and also tiring. I got the two watercolours which I painted last weekend framed:


Then it was onto 12 new black and white designs; most are watercolours with a few pen and ink drawings to vary the intensity of the finished look:


The artworks are primarily for a new range of decorative knobs, but I’ll be using them on other products too. I finished my work last night putting the designs on a vintage zoology script background (hence the title) and Bri had his work cut out today getting the first batch of knobs on their way. They aren’t finished yet, but here’s a sneak preview:


All creatures great and small

I should have them up for sale on the website this coming week. We’re doing them in 3 colours and the knobs will be available individually so customers can pick their favourites.

I couldn’t resist including Jasper in the range.

Not too sure what I’m going to be painting next? I’ve several ideas and so it’s a matter of seeing what takes my fancy. One thing’s for sure, I’ve had enough black and white for a time so whatever I paint will have lots of colour.

Until next time