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I go through these stages now and then when I get painting block. It started yesterday and has hung on in today and I’ve abandoned two paintings which went horribly wrong. I planned well and did a quick, small practise watercolour to help me choose colours, plan the idea and get me in the swing. That went okay and I thought I’d got the feel of what I needed to do :


But the bigger versions were rubbish. I bought a couple of new watercolour brushes this week and decided to use them on the first big fox, but didn’t get on with them, so went back to the old faithfuls for the second fox. I should have stopped and tried again another day when I was in a better frame of mind because I’d lost my concentration and it all went wrong. Sometimes I never learn when to stop!

So for the third attempt I’ve spent quite a while sketching out the fox more carefully, but have left it at that and I’ll try painting tomorrow or over the weekend, when hopefully I’ll be in a better frame of mind.

If I don’t post pics of the third big fox, don’t ask! 🙂

On a brighter note, we got the first batch of black & white wildlife knobs finished:


They’re on the website here: Barrister’s Horse Wildlife Knobs

I’ve just bought some new watercolour paper to try and plan on doing another coastal painting at some point soon(ish). Fabriano is my usual paper, but I’ve bought a few sheets of Arches to try. I shall be very careful with the sketching out as the paper was quite expensive, but it’s a little thicker than the Fabriano so I’m hoping it will stay flat with my propensity to be a little too liberal with the water.

See you soon.