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Well I tackled the big fox painting yesterday which turned out like this:


It will probably find its way onto cushions and cards at some point.

Then I felt like doing something small, so I painted a fox cub:


I’m planning on painting another lighthouse on the Arches paper I bought last week. I’m sending back the 2 new watercolour brushes that collapsed in a heap when I used them and have ordered a set of 3 posh ones made by Escoda. I’ve heard good things about these brushes and have bought the Joseph Zbukvic synthetic set. I think I’ll have to wait until they arrive before tackling a big painting as my older brushes are feeling their age. I’ve only had them a few months but they weren’t too expensive and they’re used daily so are starting to lose their shape slightly, due mostly to slight alopecia.

Earlier this week I got two 5 x 7 lighthouse paintings framed:

The framed pics are for sale on the website but the big fox isn’t for sale at the moment as I need him for the products.

I’ve worked over the weekend so I’m having some time off Monday to go to Lincoln shopping. I need to do some fabric transfer samples and have got into a bit of a rut doing them on cushion covers, so I’m off out to find some other things to use for samples. I quite fancy some strappy camisole tops, but I’ll see what’s available in the shops. I’m looking forward to some time out – I haven’t been anywhere for ages and cabin fever has set in.

The past week has been a steep learning curve, discovering the delights of Twitter. A friend dragged me screaming persuaded me to give it a whirl and it’s all been a bit confusing but enjoyable nevertheless. If you want to find us over there we’re @BarristersHorse

I haven’t worked in pastels for a while, so I’m hoping to do some fun artworks with those this week, but it will depend on my energy levels as I’ve been burning the midnight oil too frequently lately. I’m sure the day out will help get my oomph back… not least due to the cake I’m planning on consuming:-)

Catch you later when I’ve new work to talk about and new products to moan about review 🙂