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Well, I tackled the big lighthouse painting last weekend, using my new brushes and the new Arches paper. The brushes were great, the paper I wasn’t impressed with. I usually use Fabriano and I found the Arches a little too absorbent; it seemed to suck the paints into itself, possibly because I was using 600gsm which is a very thick paper. I struggled with the painting but got it finished early in the week:


Arches do have an excellent reputation, so I was disappointed to struggle with it. Hey ho, such is life; I’ll switch back to the Fabriano and try the Arches again at a later date.

I moved onto some smaller projects and as spring is in the air, I felt like painting some more pretty birds in pretty colours and I also got the Hummingbird (from previous post) framed:

I’ve did another equestrian pastel to compliment those already completed.

shetland selfie cropped

I like humour in art; it shouldn’t all be too serious… and just look at his dinky little legs and fat backside (how come that is adorable on a horse but not so on me:-))

I love working in pastels and feel most at home with this medium but it does have its limitations so I don’t do as many artworks in pastel as I would like.

A few of my artworks are now available on canvas wraps and I’ll be adding more as the year progresses:


All the above (except the lighthouse for the moment) are available from the website.

Next up is a marine project, a sea horse I think, but for the moment I’m knackered as it’s been a hectic week.