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The lighthouse pic was finished and I had a short break from painting anything big due to being busy with orders:

lighthouse copyright

Lighthouse watercolour painting

I started a boat painting last weekend and promptly lost interest in it, so left it on my board and ignored it until today when (due to a better frame of mind mixed with guilt) I resumed where I left off. There’s a lot more detail to go in yet, but here’s where I’m at:


boat in progress

Hopefully it will start to take shape when I get the boat’s rigging in place and add more detail to the houses. I love doing the detailed bits, so will have a few hours faffing tomorrow and all being well I’ll make myself stop before I over-egg the pudding.

And now for some very sad news… one of my new posh paint brushes has died in a tragic accident. It got squished by a hot mug of coffee and some of the (synthetic) hairs melted. It now looks a little like a crochet hook, with a curved bit on the end. I keep dampening it and soothing the fibres into shape, hoping I can revive the poor thing. I didn’t have the heart to yell at hubby for plonking a coffee down on it – I must be going soft in my old age:-) I’d only used it once *tut*.

I’ve bought 3 new Daniel Smith watercolour paints which I can’t wait to try. I have been struggling with the lemon yellow I use, which tends to look a bit wishy washy instead of crisp, so have bought Hansa Yellow to hopefully replace it. There’s also Amethyst Genuine and Quinacridone Coral, both of which look very pretty and ideal for the soft coastal pics I paint.

In other news, I went to look at a horse a couple of weeks ago but he wasn’t for me, so it’s back to the drawing board. Jasper’s a very hard act to follow that’s for sure.

Bri would like a dog and has mentioned it more frequently just recently. I spotted a little terrier on a rescue website and the ad said he wasn’t sociable but loved football – a match made in heaven if ever there was one:-) Bri was all for going to see him, despite the fact the terrier was in Wales and it was only because the rescue centre stipulated that prospective new owners would need to visit several times to ensure compatibility, that he didn’t pursue having a new bff.

Hopefully the boat painting will turn out well and I’ll have tried the new paints by the time I do my next post. Prints of the lighthouse painting are now on the website here.

Until next time.