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It’s been an expensive week this week with 2 big purchases:

  1. A much needed easel. I’ve been looking out for a second hand one for ages and had almost resigned myself to buying a new one. But as luck would have it, a good quality easel came up for auction on eBay, so I had a bid on it and got it. I’ve yet to collect it, but it will make life a lot easier with the bigger watercolours, which I currently balance on my lap and desk to get the angle I like to paint at. I’m sure I’ll continue doing that with the small paintings, but I need a bit more arm freedom for the bigger paintings. And I want to start painting in oils too, so an easel is pretty much a necessity for those. The easel has wheels, so I’ll be moving it in and out according to the weather.
  2. Purchase number 2 isn’t quite so sensible. I’ve been looking for another horse, but have realised that it’s going to take time to find the right one. I’m too young to hang up my riding boots, but too old to take on anything too fizzy or inexperienced. On the other hand, my standard of riding is reasonable enough, so I don’t want a complete plod. So what did I buy?


Meet Caspar and Victor. They are not the shy, retiring type, so I’m sure they will provide plenty of blog fodder for me to tell you about over the summer.For example, I went to see them yesterday for the first time and by way of introduction the little guy ‘Victor’ grabbed my bra (at the front) through my fleece and pulled it to next week. I was hanging onto my chest with one hand and trying to get him to let go with the other. My bra is now saggy and 4 sizes larger than it was yesterday. Oh and he bit Bri.

The bigger fella, ‘Caspar’ shoves him bum in your face, which was a little disconcerting, but he just likes a scratch. When he’s not doing that he’s sucking clothing and just generally grabbing attention in anyway he can, whilst keeping an eye on the gate to make a crafty run for it should anyone leave it open an inch.

They arrive after Easter. I need my head examining. But I laughed a lot yesterday, which is something I haven’t done for a time.

My minor purchases last week were wise ones. The Daniel Smith ‘Amethyst Genuine’ watercolour paint is just lovely and has a subtle sparkle that is beguiling, the Hansa Yellow is bright and crisp and the Quinacridone Coral is a very pretty colour with a delicate transarency when well diluted. I’ve yet to use them in a painting but will be doing so soon enough.

I’ve finished the boat painting, but it needs pressing – I’ll post a photo of it in my next blog post.

So now all I need to do is earn some money to pay for my retail therapy.

Until next time.