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Having picked up the new easel (well, new to me but a second hand purchase off eBay), I gave it a test drive yesterday… once I’d fathomed out how to unfold it and get it to work.

It felt really strange to begin with as I’m used to sitting with the paintings wedged between my lap and my desk, but I soon got the hang of it. The background wash was so much easier and quicker to do as my arm could move more freely and gravity helps so much when working at a more acute angle. I did go back to resting the painting on my lap for the finishing touches, mostly because I was working under artificial light and a shadow was being cast over the easel when I leaned in close to do the detailed bits.

Here’s what I painted:

elephant copyright 2

Elephant in Water

I’ve listed prints of the watercolour on the website here

I painted a Clydesdale horse earlier in the week too:

clydesdale 20160326_14152765

Clydesdale Horse Watercolour

His name is Maverick and he’s currently recovering from a very serious injury to his leg.

I’m hoping the lighter nights will give me a little more opportunity to paint, as most of the day is spent packing orders and doing the humdrum business stuff. Quite what I’ll paint next is as much a mystery to me as to you. I’d fancied doing a windmill, but have gone a bit luke warm on the idea as I’m enjoying painting the animals so much at the moment. I tend to just see what takes my fancy on the day. I’m really smitten with the Quinacridone Coral paint which I bought last week, so I hope to be using that in a few of my paintings.

Once the weather warms up a little I’ll be doing a few acrylics or oils, but I’d prefer to use them outside as I have a tendency to be a bit messy when I get engrossed.

I’d hoped for some warm dry weather over Easter so that my soggy field would dry out enough to be harrowed and rolled in preparation for the donkeys. Alas we’ve had yet more rain, so that’s put things back a few days. In preparation for their arrival, I’ve been watching a few donkey training videos – something tells me that Victor and Caspar may have their own ideas about whom needs the training:-)

Until next time.