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I’ve not had much time for painting over the past week, but decided to do a 15 minute loose watercolour just to get me back into the swing of things. I haven’t gotten around to painting a sheep yet, so decided to have another bash with this quickie:


I just used the dregs of watercolur paint that were in the wells of my unwashed palette, including the grey/green/blue that I sampled down the left hand side. It’s amazing that the dregs of paint often produce more pleasing results than the carefully mixed colours:-) The left eye looks too cloudy due to the paper being too wet and the paint seeping, but as a quick watercolour I’m pleased with it and it gives me something to improve on when I paint a sheep ‘properly’.

I painted a dog last weekend and I’ll be honest and say I find them quite difficult to do, mostly due to lack of experience in painting them:

dog copyright

Blue Eyed Boy

If I get a little unsure about my work I find that I lose the fluidity of movement and get a little tense with concentration. Watercolours are very unforgiving and mistakes can be difficult to rectify.

I half contemplated sketching out the outline for a Venice landscape/seascape today but time ran away with me and I’d lost my oomph by the time I finished work. I took one look at the detail required in some of the buildings and decided it was too much for tired eyes, especially when today’s overcast weather gave such poor light. We had a few flakes of snow at lunchtime, followed by yet more rain. Come on spring, we’re all a bit fed up with the miserable weather now!

Until next time.