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I’ve done a lot of painting since my last post. It’s quite a few years since I visited Venice, but the beauty of the place remains in my mind, along with the pong of the place! I decided to have a go at painting a typical Venetian sea/land scape and although it’s wasn’t a complete disaster, it’s not turned out how I’d anticipated. As is often the case with my paintings, I overworked parts of it and should have settled for a simple silhouette of the building. But the water and gondola turned out well and importantly I learned quite a lot from the exercise (primarily don’t paint Venice):

venice copyright


I painted some Koi at the weekend and really enjoyed myself, not least because I like painting curved, loose shapes:

koi copyright


Today I started out with a small watercolour of cornflowers and a bumble bee:


Cornflowers and bumble bee

After the warm up I started on a Jersey cow and have more or less finished it:


Jersey Cow

Some years ago we had a herd of Jersey cows in the village and I always admired them, but sadly there are no longer any cattle as all the land belongs to faceless entities who have turned the land over to arable farming.

Not too sure what’s next on the agenda – maybe it’s time I revisited acrylics; it’s several months since I did any work with them so the swear box will be full.