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I’m going through a hummingbird stage at the moment. I painted one last night and got to use a couple of wonderful Quinacridone colours by Daniel Smith (no this isn’t a sponsered post):

hummingbird copyright

Hummingbird watercolour

The beauty of the Quinacridone watercolours is their versatility – put them on wishy washy and you will get a delicate, ultra transparent wash, or use them with just a little water for a vibrant pure pop of colour.

I used them again today on a larger painting and also used the lovely Amethyst Genuine which has a beautiful shimmer to it:


Hummingbirds and flowers watercolour

Now I’m knackered and hummingbirded out.

The single humming bird is being sold as an original (mounted and framed) and you can find it on the website here

The larger painting will be available on the website next week in A4 and A3 giclee prints.

The donkeys I told you about a couple of weeks back aren’t here yet. My field is soaking wet and I’m having to wait until it dries out so that the contractor can harrow and roll the ground in preparation for their arrival. Very frustrating for everyone – I’ve never known so much rain for so long. It was very cold this morning with a sprinkling of snow, followed by a hail shower this afternoon. Hopefully next week will see us turn a corner with the weather…

I’m torn between a windmill or a wildlife for my next project – I’ll see what takes my fancy.

Until next time.