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So I decided to try the windmill painting which has been on the back burner a while. The sky went in okay, as did the washes for the windmill itself, and then I over egged the pudding with a group of trees. The trees were too vivid for the soft hues of the sky and windmill, so I binned it. I did contemplate continuing but my heart wasn’t in it and I knew it wasn’t right and more importantly, wouldn’t come right with further work.

After a couple of hours doing other jobs I decided to paint a simple little French scene… which took about 2 hours more than anticipated due to the many washes that I applied. I’m quite pleased with the result; it looks a bit washed out here with the camera flash, but you can get (hopefully) the gist of the loose feel of the painting:


The Parfumerie

Husband likes it, which surprised me as I thought he’d find it a little too twee for his taste. I enjoyed painting it, so will be doing a few more in a similar style as and when the mood takes me.

But I still love my wildlife/animals the best. Here’s a little Long Tailed Tit I painted a couple of days back:

longtailedtit copyright

Long Tailed Tit

They are such pretty little birds – we get them on the bird feeder from time to time. The Quinacridone paints came into their own with this little painting – the crisp colours combined with their transparency helped me to build layers of delicate colour.

We also get a pheasant in the garden each day. He started out as a very timid visitor and he’d scream and run/bluster off if we went outside. Oh those were the days! He’s now completely sure he owns the place and struts up and down screaming and puffing his feathers to all and sundry, especially if there’s no food waiting for him. Sometimes he brings a girlfriend or two for dinner, but mostly he’s alone and stuffs the birdseed all to himself. He was particularly vocal yesterday and here’s why:


Another male fancied taking over his patch, so they spent about an hour pulling up grass and then spitting it out at each other. I eventually went and told them to clear off – there’s only so much grass spitting and associated verbals one can take, especially when it’s within 2 metres of where you’re working. I’ll have to paint them one day… I’m sure there must be a really hot market for grass spitting pheasants:-)

The Long Tailed Tit watercolour is available in giclee prints on the website here and I’ll be selling the original (it’s A4 size) when it has been mounted and framed.

The Parfumerie painting will also be on the website within a few days.

Maybe I’ll try the windmill again before too long?

Until next time.