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Well it would seem that Spring is here at last. I have never known so much rain for so long and the last few weeks have been depressing to say the least. I’ve been waiting to move the donkeys onto my field but needed to get a contractor to harrow and roll it first. I’d have expected it to be dry enough (to get a tractor on the land) by the end of March, but here we are in May and it’s only just starting to feel solid underfoot. All being well the little blighters will be here next weekend and chaos will commence. I’ll post some pics when they get here.

As a tribute to the better weather I painted a bumble bee yesterday:

bee bumble

bumble bee watercolour

And today I’ve painted a blossom tree with a Japanese feel to it. Here it is drying out:


I got to use some of the lovely new watercolours including Rhodonite Genuine, Opera Rose and the Quinacridone Coral I mentioned previously. A little bit of Quinacridone Magenta added some strong tones to the shady bits.

Giclee prints of the bumble bee are on the website here and I’ll be adding prints of the blossom tree soon.

As usual, I’m not sure what I’ll be painting next – I take each day as it comes and see what takes my fancy.

Until next time.