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I seem to be doing a lot of work in warm colours just lately. It must be the warmer weather that’s making me reluctant to paint anything dark or cool.

I keep having a bash at painting foxes and here’s my latest:

foxes copyright

Vixen and Fox Cub watercolour

After the foxes came a flamingo:

flamingo copyright

pink flamingo watercolour

And this evening I’ve been practising painting flowers. I used a couple of new colours: Vermillion and Rhodonite Genuine, both of which I really like, especially Vermillion. Here’s a bunch of poppies I painted using those colours:


Poppies watercolour

I still need to loosen up more and I also need to learn a little more patience in letting the colours dry enough to go back in and rework them without lifting off the washes. Oh how I love red – it is so vibrant and cheerful.

All being well the donkeys will be here this weekend and there may be another addition to follow on soon after. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’ll bore you senseless with photos and tales of my new family. Brian has been busy replacing rotten fence posts in the field and we had the grass topped last weekend as there was a lot of dead stuff from last year that needed getting rid of.

I’ll let you know how the little chaps settle in!