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I’ve just finished the first of a few watercolours I’m doing with a fish/seafood related theme. Here it is, a Brown Crab:

crab copyright

Brown Crab Watercolour Painting

There’s a Lemon Sole that’s almost finished and I’m now contemplating what will be third. Maybe a cod… or oysters… or a lobster?

My plan is to compile some fishy paintings and have them on canvas wraps in a tiled effect. Whether they will look okay together remains to be seen.

Earlier this week I painted some Blue Poppies. Here’s the beginnings of the painting and the end result:


I’m trying to get a bit done as I’m having some enforced time off next week due to a minor health issue that requires surgery. Bri has compiled a mental list of things that I can be doing around the house during my ‘rest’ – I think it would be easier for me to carry on working as I’m not really up for decorating a bedroom and the kitchen.

The reason for the home improvements is that we’re contemplating moving. We’ve contemplated moving previously, on a number of occasions, but this time it seems a bit more likely that we’ll actually go through with it. We like the South West and would like to buy a doer-upper that has a bit of land with it for the donks and a horse. Whether we can find anything within budget is another matter! I keep having a look at various auction sites to see what prices houses with land are going for and persuading myself it’s doable. We’ll see!

Until next time.