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I’ve done a fair amount of painting since my last post and today decided to try something new. In an effort to work in a looser style I’ve made a watercolour abstract background with rough textured paper, cling film and salt (and of course watercolour paint). All I have to do now is decide how to carve out ‘a story’ from the random shapes and patterns created!

I think it will be something under the sea, but haven’t decided quite what yet.

The donkeys, Casper and Victor, continue to be a pleasure to have around. Casper hasn’t had much to do with me for a few weeks, but I’m back in his good books this week and he’s delighted to see me each day. Quite what I did to offend him in the first place remains a complete mystery. Victor, on the other hand, is always the same – he loves everyone and everything:

I can’t believe how woolly they look in the photos above which were taken a few weeks ago; since then they’ve both gotten finer, summer coats (Casper is on the left, Victor on the right). The grass isn’t that green these days either, as the past few weeks of sunny weather have dried it out.

Harvest time has thrown us some visitors to the garden. Last week we had a fox and yesterday evening a little Muntjack deer came visiting. I’ve seen the Muntjack’s in the fields before, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in the village.

If the watercolour experiment turns out okay I’ll post some pics in my next post.

Until next time.